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What is Christianity

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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is the world’s biggest religion, and yet many people don’t know very much about it.  God is central to the Christian faith and it is having a relationship with God that gives us our faith and beliefs.  Christians believe Jesus Christ is the son of God;  and his life, death and resurrection shows us wherever we are in life or whatever journey we take how it can transform our lives. 

Christianity teaches us that God exists in three different perceptions, yet is one together, known as the Trinity - The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Father - There is no description which fully explains what God is like, he cannot be seen and cannot prove he even exists.  However his presence is there and shown through his love, passion, power and creativity.  Christians believe that God made the universe and created men and women to share it with him.  God is all-seeing and all-knowing and said to be everywhere.


The Son - God appears in human form in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was chosen as God's son, to share the love, passion, power and creativity and this was portrayed through the Bible.  Jesus was a teacher, healer, had a desire for justice and self sacrifice in being put to death even though he was totally innocent. 

The Holy Spirit - A spiritual form that cannot be seen but gives you that immense personal closeness of experiencing love and peace that lives within you.  Christians believes the Holy Spirit can change the way we think and act.

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